Video Series: Energy, Imperialism and Palestinne

8th July 2024 

Episode 1: Beginning to tell the Story 

Understanding how the global energy market operates is key to resisting Western imperialism, racial capitalism and therefore the genocide in Gaza.

We cannot begin to tell the story of the last 9 months, unless we talk about capitalism and imperialism. What powers these two co-dependent processes? Energy.  

Episode 2: Energy and Israeli Normalisation

Energy has been a key instrument in ‘Israel’s normalisation campaign and the apartheid regime’s practises of settler occupation, containment and genocide.

For decades, and since the most recent Nakba began last year, energy infrastructure in Gaza and the West Bank has been a target of military violence from the IOF (‘IDF’). Without reliable energy, key infrastructures including electric networks to power homes, schools, and hospitals are vulnerable to power outages: a core tactic for Israel’s strategic de-development of the Palestinian economy and way of life.

For decades, and since the most recent Nakba began last year, Palestinian resources including gas, have been appropriated by Israeli and imperial energy companies. The effect of this has been the creation of both economic ties and energy dependencies between Israel and other states, strengthening Israel’s geopolitical leverage.

Episode 3: The EU-Israel Energy Deal

The European Union, Israel and Egypt’s three way export deal signed in 2022, has been crucial for Israel’s plan to become a regional energy exporter. Episode 3 of our four part mini series explores the role of multilateral energy treaties in integrating the Zionist entity into the global energy market.

Episode 4: Disrupting the Imperial Energy System

To our comrades fighting for Palestinian liberation everywhere. To those fighting for true justice and an end to the imperial energy system. We stand together, as no one is free until everyone is free.