Energy Colonialism (Video)

9th January 2023


Audiovisual Sources (in order of appearance)

Institut National de l’Audiovisuel
Un septième puits de pétrole à Hassi Messaoud (Journal Les Actualités Françaises, 12.02.1958)
18 juin à Hassi Messaoud (JT nuit - 20th June 1958)
Arrivée à Bougie du pipe line d'Hassi Messaoud (JT nuit - 27th August 1959)

- Hallo Holland Hydrogen 1 | Europe’s largest hydrogen plant (27th July 2022)

European Comission
- The European Hydrogen Week 2021 (29th November 2022)

AP Archive 
Anti-fracking protest held in Ouargla (15th March 2015)
Protest against fracking in Algerian capital (24th February 2015)

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