We Smell Gas

We smell energy giants using gas to ensure that whilst oil and gas decline their profits do not. We smell a fossil fuel lock-in.

We smell an industry reliant on neocolonialism. An industry that mines the labour, life and local resources of racialised people and their ecologies. We smell violent oppression. 

We smell fossil fuel companies touting gas as a clean energy solution to fuel insecurity; a ‘transition fuel’ to support divestment from petroleum and coal. We smell a false solution.

We smell corrupt corporate networks with undue influence over European energy policy, overestimating European gas demand to support their own interest. We smell misconduct that costs lives.

We smell war over finite energy resources, land grabs and fuel poverty. We smell gas being used as a weapon by both aggressor and victim. We smell smoke in political rhetoric and gas in their promises. We smell war.

We smell a politics of care that drives our collective demand for responsibility, racial justice and accountability. We smell hope, the radical power of imagining otherwise- and practising this politics in the here and now. We smell climate justice as crucial and possible.

What we do

WeSmellGas is a new climate justice collective challenging EU fossil gas policies based on racialised capital and exploitation. Our mission is to expose and demand accountability from the corporate vested interests and colonial relationships that underpin EU fossil gas extraction and hydrogen production. Our tactics include research, film-making, creative media and legal disruptive action.

We centre decolonial thinking in our understanding of the fossil gas industry and its effects. Our activist solidarity, research and creative projects all begin from a decolonial approach, aiming to contribute to and expand on the work of black feminist thinkers but in a climate setting. We believe this is essential to make sure our contribution to action and discussion on climate justice does not reproduce white privilege and its violent consequences.

We combine activism and art to think through the climate crisis and possible futures beyond it. We believe creativity brings joy and hope to the fight for climate justice, but is also an effective political tool to think and act beyond divisive and oversimplified narratives. To imagine a better future, to imagine fiercer bonds of solidarity, to strengthen our collective hope.

How we work

WeSmellGas works hard to deeply integrate decoloniality, queer feminism and anti-racism into everything we do. We know this is a big challenge and we do not take it on lightly. We ask for patience, commitment and action from all our members and collaborators in this process. We know we will probably fail at times and have to try again. We always welcome feedback and support in the process.

WeSmellGas works in a horizontal, non-hierarchical structure that is based on consensus, trust, care and creativity. We try to be aware of roles, positionalities and power dynamics, adapting to make sure it is comfortable and sustainable for all members. To this end we hold monthly care and decolonial meetings to create reflective spaces for sharing, failing and improving.  


  1. We Blame Systems: We do not believe in individualising the climate crisis. We want to challenge systems of power and think together to bring justice to these arenas.

  2. Intentional Non-Violence: We aim to communicate mindfully and intentionally to each other. Our project is driven by care, trust and openness. 

  3. Decolonising: We recognise the power we hold and collectively reflect on how we can use and challenge this power.

  4. Systemic Creativity: We see creativity and imagination as central to effective activist work. Creativity is our tool to both disrupt systems and envisage anew.

  5. Politics of Hope: We embody a radical hope, that is incorruptible in the face of oppression and disaster, that does not wane in its imagination and realisation of a just world.